J.A. Andrés Lacasta – Epilogue of the Death of Faun

I bring you here an interview with J.A.Andrés Lacasta, director of the shortfilm “Epilogue of the death Faun”, that is being selected in several dance film festivals. He won the recognition of the “Best National Dancefilm” in my [C]Screen festival this year. … More J.A. Andrés Lacasta – Epilogue of the Death of Faun


Marta Arjona – Nigra

Today I bring you an interview of a young Catalan girl from Tarragona (Catalonia, Spain) who is making herself a place among the Spanish screendance creators: I am talking of Marta Arjona. For some time, I have been following her work and, finally, I decided to publish something about her. … More Marta Arjona – Nigra

Screendance in Fantosfreak Festival [ES/EN]

La semana pasada pudimos disfrutar las proyecciones al aire libre del festival Fantosfreak que se celebra en Cerdanyola del Vallès, ¡y uno de los cortos era de danza! / Last week, we could enjoy the open air (and free) screenings of Fantosfreak festival celebrated in Cerdanyola del Vallès, and one of the shorts was a dancefilm! … More Screendance in Fantosfreak Festival [ES/EN]