Marta Arjona and Mei Casabona – Quadrant

Interview by Eva Campos Suárez to Marta Arjona y Mei Casabona about Quadrant … More Marta Arjona and Mei Casabona – Quadrant


[C]Screen Special Movement in Autumn (CAT)

Desembre comença amb una sessió especial moviment i no només ens referim a dansa, sinó també a tots els problemes de mobilitat que viuen moltes persones del nostre voltant. Us presentem al Museu d’Art de Cerdanyola una sessió plena d’emocions i reptes a mà d’actors i directors tant nacionals com internacionals en motiu del Dia … More [C]Screen Special Movement in Autumn (CAT)

[C]Screen begins!

In a previous post, I told you that I had created a platform called [Plat Artístic] and I was planning to organise a shortfilm festival called [C]Screen. I wanted to do something for the screendance by screening shortfilms of this genre openly. Well, after having made a huge effort, lots of meetings, calls and e-mails, I … More [C]Screen begins!

Long time no write

As always, I have long time no write on this blog… In this case, I am not going to do an update of all the things that happened to me or all what I have done because it will be very hard (and long) to write 5 months of changes and stories.

Better, I am going to do a resume of it and explain the new expectations of this blog… … More Long time no write