My screendance shop

As well as sometimes I make dancefilms, I also design and draw related with dance and screendance. So I started not so long ago a humble Online Shop where you can find some products with nice prints on it, all by me: t-shirts, pulls, mugs, and bags. Of the final price (without counting shipping costs), … More My screendance shop

Reportage : 20ème anniversaire du Ballet INYANGE – “Urugendo, Tales of a Journey”

Hello people! And being proud, this time I’m going to present you the little reportage I made for Bel’Afrika: Reportage : 20ème anniversaire du Ballet INYANGE ” Urugendo, Tales of a Journey”, Spectacle de danse et de musique rwandaises traditionnelles à Bruxelles. – / WEBTV. This is the first reportage I made almost alone: … More Reportage : 20ème anniversaire du Ballet INYANGE – “Urugendo, Tales of a Journey”

Taijitsu… sensei!

Good afternoon, everybody! Yesterday I was in a Nihon Taijitsu class, in Sport Club Arvi (Cerdanyola) where some friends and family practise the mouvements. Specially, today, I could take photos of some projections and I was very happy. Finally the teacher asked me for the photos and, glad, I’m going to send them to him. I hope you … More Taijitsu… sensei!


Today I can say that I’m officially collaborating with the Bel’Afrika TV as a photographer and editor (and maybe camera in the future). Bel’Afrika is an internet TV (or Web-TV) that informs about a lot of subjets concerning Afrika and the social integration in all Belgium, so there’s many subjets can interest you. I know it’s different … More Bel’Afrika