This blog

It’s not the first time that I don’t update this blog. With my initiative [Plat Artístic] and my [C]Screen Festival going on, it’s difficult to keep updating the different blogs I manage (and in different languages). For the moment, this blog will remain open but I can’t asure a proper updating… I would like to … More This blog

Indignada amb la Generalitat de Catalunya (CAT)

Sorry but today I will complain in catalan because it is very important that our Catalan Government understands. Avui no faig aquest post per explicar un esdeveniment o per mostrar un treball. Avui en queixaré i faré una crítica al nostre govern autonòmic: la Generalitat de Catalunya. Després de tornar de Brussel·les, vaig decidir tornar … More Indignada amb la Generalitat de Catalunya (CAT)

Long time no write

As always, I have long time no write on this blog… In this case, I am not going to do an update of all the things that happened to me or all what I have done because it will be very hard (and long) to write 5 months of changes and stories.

Better, I am going to do a resume of it and explain the new expectations of this blog… … More Long time no write

Coming back

I am a very undecided person. I have changed plenty of times of blog because I can’t be satisfied with any… really, with almost any. But I came back, even if the difficulties of having a wordpress, I will continue publishing and try to keep the people updated of what I do. Thank you for … More Coming back