The new piece of Ana Cembrero Coca, Migrations, comes complete on the stage this April in collaboration with Nathalie Lenoir! … More Migrations


A thousand and one night by Cinemaximilaan

Kaai Studio’s brought Cinemaximiliaan (a screening evening in the refugee camp of a park in Brussels) to perform some artists in their space, accessible to all kind of public, calling the evening A THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS. … More A thousand and one night by Cinemaximilaan

Long time no write

As always, I have long time no write on this blog… In this case, I am not going to do an update of all the things that happened to me or all what I have done because it will be very hard (and long) to write 5 months of changes and stories.

Better, I am going to do a resume of it and explain the new expectations of this blog… … More Long time no write