Sobre mí / About me

Hello, my name is Eva.

I started at an artistic highschool and continued studying Fine-Arts in the University of Barcelona (2009-2013). In this period, I had the chance to go as an Erasmus exchange student to the University of Rennes 2, where I learnt a lot of new disciplines like cinema, interactive art, multimedia projects and others.

After 4 years of work and study, I discovered what I really like: screendance.  I also had to find out how to adapt it to my style.

 I decided to travel to Brussels (Belgium) where I got international experience and made friends. At first, I started as a freelance photographer and videographer with the choreographer Marie Martinez as my first contact. After this, a whole new world opened in front of me: dance, performance, theater and circus disciplines, mixed or not. I discovered spaces where the presentations of artistic projects took place and where I could contact the artists. There I met a lot of international artists and I learned plenty of new concepts.

In that journey, lots of new ideas came to me and I decided to start working on them when I met the choreographer, filmmaker and dancer Ana Cembrero Coca (at that time, in La Ignorancia). At the same time, I encountered the choreographer and dancer Marta Kosieradzka. Thanks to her, I could direct my first short films: our first project was the dance trilogy “The Three Oddest Words” (2014-2015), from which each part was screened in the Cinema Nova in Brussels.

Then I found my own way of making dance film and videodance: [here] you can see all my works. I still continue collaborating closely with Ana and Marta and I hope to keep making projects with them.

Now, I came back to Spain to start a new project, a platform called [Plat Artístic] which promotes the arts and culture, but specially the performing and audiovisual arts and their synergies.

You can contact with me and know more about me here: