Taste of Night – Liudmila Komrakova

[Lee la traducción en español]

Note about “Taste of Night” to the [C]Screen Organisator:

Thank you for the opportunity to be presented at your festival with our film “Taste of Night”. We would like say some words about our film if it is interesting for you.

For the majority of our team it is first film experience. Thus we are very happy that people enjoy what was done. This film is a part of self funding project organized by tangofans. We are making several short films based on tango dance with stories behind.

Our film’s aim is to present tango argentina as modern developing art and not something retrograde with red dress and rose between the teeth.

The films are not for commercial use and we are not planning to gain any money out of it. We are planning to show it at dance film festivals to attract to this dance attention from the general public and at tango festivals to help tango dancers to know each other better.

The main crew participate at their own free will for free. Thus Main actor in Taste of Night is five times finalist of World Cup Championship (Mundial) in Tango Argentina. His partner is an exballerina who found her passion in tango. The rest of the cast are tango fans or Andrei Panferov students.

Thus the biggest part of our team are not professional filmmakers but the operator has education in the field. All the staff works for the idea and the biggest part of the expenses goes to the video equipment.

At the moment we have two films that are finished: Muze and Taste of Night.

We hope you and the audience enjoy what was done.



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