Dance in the Art Museum of Cerdanyola

As you may know through this blog, I run a little dancefilm festival in my town, Cerdanyola: [C]Screen Festival – Screendance Spring.

It is the third year that the Art Museum of Cerdanyola (MAC) hosts, supports and directly collaborates with me and my association (Plat Artístic) to promote dance cinema in Cerdanyola

I always think that my festival could not be possible without the help of Orlando and Txema, the two main technicians of the museum. They listened to me the first time I came with the project, because they give support to a really wide variety of art fields.

I inform you that the Museum has already been interested for dance long before this initiative:

In September 2010, coinciding with the third year of “life” of the Museum, Mireia de Querol, local artist with quite good exterior visibility, brought the contemporary dance performance Solo on Bach & Glen, from Goldberg Variation of Bach, performed by Glenn Gould.

On June 2013, framed in the ARTPEGI series, the Museum combined music and scenic arts in its program, including a contemporary dance piece created and performed by the dancers Cecilia Colacrai, Anna Rubirola and Mireia de Querol.

On April 2014, La Tomba dei Giganti was performed in the Museum, a small format piece by Anna Rubirola and Oriol Roca that was shown in the International Day of Dance.

In 2016, within the Chamber Music series, the contemporary dancer Paz Jiménez performed.

Soon after this last event, [C]Screen Screendance Spring festival emerged as a non-scenic alternative to dance and in 2017 the Museum allowed me to film in the nice garden The doubts and reflections of Eve with the dancer Marta Kosieradzka (the girl on the picture of this post), a dance shortfilm selected in international festivals of reference.

Now I have to try to spread dance a bit more all around Cerdanyola and start again to program live dance performances again!



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