One day more, I could enjoy taking photos of a dance contemporary class. This time Marta Kosieradzka was the teacher at Zawirowania, a dance space for contemporary dance in Warsaw, belonging to Zawirowania Dance Theatre.

Here I leave you some photos:

I would like to play a bit with the imatges and make them digitally more plastic, so I will try to paint on them. When I get some results, I will upload them here.

At some moments of the class, instead of taking photos, I was drawing some quick and little sketches. Here you have them:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Knowing a bit Zawirowania

Copying from one of their flyers I could find on place:

Zawirowania is not only the Dance Theatre. Is is also the Dance Academy and Dance Theatre Festival! There are three initiatives running under the Zawirowania’s brand. Their focus is to make contemporary dance more and more popular and increase its cultural impact.

(Still copying) The Contemporary Scene Foundation established Zawirowania Dance Theatre in 2004. Since its establishment, it was involved in cultural activities in all Poland but also performed at other many festivals around the world.

A year later, Zawirowania Dance Theatre Festival is organised, pretending to be a dance theaters meeting with the aim to confront artists from countries without a great tradition of contemporary dance with those who represent the power of the genre.

Also, it creates international productions: for example, in 2010, it cooperated with the Spanish choreographer Daniel Abreu and formed then “Fuera de campo“.



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