Ona – Compagnie Linga

The 9th Gdańsk Dance Festival programmed the piece Ona by Compagnie Linga, that explores from femininity to masculinity using a powerful utopic, fantastic and politized world.

Of course, having the opportunity, I went to watch it.

© Photos by Greg Weigelt

* All the information here has been extracted from the catalogue of the festival, except my personal opinion in the second head title.

Compagnie Linga

Katarzyna Gdaniec decided to move from Poland and go abroad quite young, joining Béjart‘s company (Belgium and later Switzerland). Some years later, she decided to found her own company, with the Italian Marco Cantalupo, in order to have independence of creation.

They have been working together until today, celebrating this year their 25th anniversary, with 50 creations. Katarzyna Gdaniec has been awarded with the Terpsychory statue by the Association of Polish Artists and the Gdańsk Dance Festival gave her a nice diploma in public after the dance performance of yesterday.


The dance piece Ona has the intention of exploring the woman’s world through three main scenes/sequences that evolve: the women (white dresses), the men (black suits) and a feminine intimate world.

In the first part, I felt the women imaginary, delicate. Coordinated movements going all together, making an utopic society of women. The white dresses they all were wearing intensified that feeling​.

In the second part, I have found the men sequence specially stereotyped, forcing attitudes of machoman and trying to do strong face expressions that didn’t work too much… It needed to be better worked out.

“Shifting from harmony to rebellion, this collective chemistry plays around with male and female stereotypes, revealing the freedom, the strength, and the inventiveness of female bonding.”

— Interview with Katarzyna Gdaniec in the 9. Gdański Festiwal Tańca catalogue.

On the other hand, I think that the treatment of the space and the group choreographies were very well worked. Unfortunately, I had to see the performance from the superior balcony, which had a very reduced visuals. But that allowed me to enjoy the dance performance from the heights and see the space planification and the movement through it. Also it was especially nice when all of them were regrouped and were moving together.

Moreover, I liked how they obtained a fantastic aesthetics that created the women world once again. It looked like an intimate and inner world. Thanks to little rolling LED lights, the dancers got slightly illuminated, enough to see their abstract but beautiful shapes together. It was a calm and poetical moment.



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