The new piece of Ana Cembrero Coca, Migrations, comes complete on the stage this April in collaboration with Nathalie Lenoir!

Photo by Mathilde Troussard

Migrations is a dance performance that asks about the human migration phenomenon that moves the world. It combines pole and contemporary dance while mixing occidental and oriental music, joining in the same piece more than two different cultures. All of this makes this awesome piece meaningful and strong to the point you feel very involved with the dancers: you understand their journey, you guess their breath, you feel their suffering story but also you see their freedom. 

It has been a long time of hard work. The first time I could see the work-in-progress of this piece was in the Cinemaximiliaan event, a refugee cultural event organised in Kaai Studios in Brussels. After this, they have showed it several times: in Molenbeek residency and in the Fête Romanes festival in Wolubilis, among others​. 

This 22nd April we will be able to see Ana and Nathalie again in the Maison of Cultures de Molenbeek (Brussels) with the final version of their work, framed in the Danseurs en Transit Festival.

Here you have the Facebook event:

And if Brussels is too far away from where you live, they will be presenting this amazing dance performance at Sismògraf Festival in Olot (Catalonia, Spain) the 29th April, the International Dance Day.




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