New film: The doubts and reflections of Eve

Hello, everybody!

Last time I went to Poland, Marta Kosieradzka was preparing a new solo: The doubts and reflections of Eve, a stage piece which shows at the same time the beauty of this world and the opposite. All of this, through the image of Eve, from Bible. [Here you can see a video]. Surely, as you can see reading the posts of this blog, Marta Kosierdazka’s creativity never decreases! So one day she told me “Eva, I will go to Spain to see you and we can film something together”. I thought that would take some time… But not!

During the nextstoryboard-04-2few months, we were rushed preparing in distance how to film the new project and where. Eve had to be the image of a real woman and at the same time stay as a myth. So we had “two Eves”. Also we needed the apple tree.

We decided to film it in my own town, Cerdanyola del Vallès, where there is a nice museum, Museu d’Art de Cerdanyola, that has a beautiful garden and the people working there are super nice. Also, Cerdanyola has a mountain next to it, so we could take advantatge of the trees, even if they weren’t apple trees.

Then, when she came, we spend 3-4 mornings working and filming  🙂

It’s the first time we film in “disorder”, not following the narrative order, we had a shooting plan. We had to make the most of the sunlight, which was appearing little by little in the museum’s garden. Also, we filmed in different locations that are linked in the story, so we had to note and remember the last movement Marta was doing to chain it with the second place. The main difficulties were keep the light into account and the simple equipment we had.dsc_8462

However, I have to say that I missed the fact of taking the camera and just filming, coming back to see through the objective and “dance” with her, going inside the world of the film we were creating.

I expect to have some nice pictures in the end and in short I will start the postproduction of the project. I hope you enter in this blog to read about it in the future!

Until then, I recomend you to go to Marta’s Vimeo Channel where you can find the work-in-progress of the choreography of this project.


PS: Thanks Orlando and Txema for all! You are the best!


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