City Tissue, the project made of miniprojects

It’s curious how a project can be done…

City Tissue is a project that Marta Kosieradzka planned long time ago. She had the idea to explore Warsaw’s identity throught the body and movement, so she felt like filming in different curious locations she had discovered and found inspiring. She created a choreography for each of them. I remember that the first idea was called “The Stories of Syrenka“, the Mermaid of Warsaw, who is represented in the city’s coat of arms and has several sculptures.

I told her that I could take some “holidays” and go to Poland to visit her. When I presented myself in Warsaw, she had already made a path to follow and to shoot with the camera! So I filmed her according to it…

The curious of this? We finished with a project composed by miniprojects and in the end, we had different that we didn’t know how to link with each other when editing. Most of them could work by themselves. We were even thinking to reconvert it as an installation project that could be exposed in a museum, gallery or social center.

So the editing process was difficult for me and took me quite a lot. I felt like creating from the beginning, as if it was a found footage film. And I find this was the best idea to think about it. I could analyse the footage calmly and extract the pieces I liked the most, trying to keep nice parts of Marta’s performance. I made plenty of tests, trying to say something (positive) of the city of Warsaw through them, not only by the choreography but with the editing too. Thanks partly to the music by Dorota Bakowska, I got finally the way to create a story with these images of Warsaw: a day in the city, which finally was beautiful and full of meaning, showing a city with a lot of movement, tourism, a routine too, with big spaces and buildings and curious places.

This was the result:

Thanks Ewelina for being there helping us all the time!


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