Boards dances

Some time ago, a related showed me something very interesting, a new kind of dance he practiced: longboard dancing.

At the beginning I could not understand how you could “dance” on a board. I was imagining the typical acrobatic stuff, that indeed, it is very flashy but not something that attires me passionally. However, he showed me some videos to illustrate his explaination and I allucinated. I thought it was very very insteresting.

It is very curious how dance can reach disciplines that at the beginning were more sports and a performance of capabilities and can give them some touches of art.

There are plenty of videos on Youtube that show you how to learn the basic moves (as a technique) and incite you to take your own style practicing and being creative so longboard dancing can have even a very concrete choreography (as well as bmx riders). Althought a lot of films that you can find on the social networks are just videos of events or registrations of what someone knows to do, you can find other videos that try to be more cinematographic or to give an artistic point of view (and a lot of nice travellings).

[Longboard] Dancing is a resurgence of old-school tricks in longboarding that involves a variety of walking and spinning moves. Dancing originates from boardwalking in surfing.

Information on Wikipedia

Probably, thanks to becoming more “artistic” and including dance, a lot of girls joined to this practice, really enjoying to dance on a moving and limitated board, trying to be as smooth as possible to really look as soft dance in movement.

Going out a bit of this post subject, I continue searching for interesting videos of skaters and I have found Killian Martin Navarro, a Spanish professional skater, and his films on Youtube. It is not a Longboard dancer but I thought he made real choreographic pieces with his skate. Moreover, his videos are real (cinematographic) shortfilms:

He says that he takes skating as something artistic rather than sports, that makes that he uses an artistic process of creation for his coreographies on the skate, taking care of each movement, trying to be new and of the space around him.



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