[C]Screen begins!

In a previous post, I told you that I had created a platform called [Plat Artístic] and I was planning to organise a shortfilm festival called [C]Screen. I wanted to do something for the screendance by screening shortfilms of this genre openly.

Well, after having made a huge effort, lots of meetings, calls and e-mails, I have managed to fulfill my dream and I have been able to fix concrete dates for the screenings.

The main goal of the festival is to show the latest cinematographic trends from all around the world, with quality films in a wide budget range. In addition, it aims to sensitize those who are unfamiliar with or less informed about new ways of making cinema.

The festival is presented in two parts, in two opposite year periods: in spring with screendance sessions and in autumn with the rest of fiction films.

In total 100 (plus 3 special guests) of the +1600 submitted films will be screened: 34 screendances + 66 fiction shortfilms.

Here I give you the booklet with all the scheduled sessions:

For this spring, the screenings will be in three different places of my city, so this way I promote the different cultural focuses we have in town: the Youth Center, the Art Museum and the University.

I hope this will work and I plan to keep this going on for several years, improving little by little the conditions and the prizes!

After the event, I will write a new article telling you about the experience.

More information about the festival can be found
on the official website of the festival

An interview (in catalan) done to Eva Campos
last 30th March on Cerdanyola.info

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