Sabadell in Stockholm

I think I have never talked about Nostalgic Onion (La ceba nostàlgica) in this blog… today is the day to talk about it.

In a romantic world, a girl arrives abroad. Before she even opens her suitcases, she feels nostalgia for her country. Through dance, we will see her regrets, her sadness and her doubts.

Nostalgic Onion is a special dancefilm I have done that was meant to be screened in a festival in my natal city, Sabadell. But unfortunately, the festival was cancelled almost at the last moment and the shortfilm was already done, without having any place to have its Premiere.

And why an onion in the title?

Because this film is meant to be a dedication to all citizens from Sabadell, a city in Catalonia (Spain) that has a green onion in its heraldic shield.

The name of Sabadell is read for the first time in a manuscript from 1050. There are several theories explaining where the name comes from, but none of them is verified as of today. In the past, the villagers that could not read would use comparisons with objects, food or animals to remember the name of their village and the surrounding ones by similarity. In the case of Sabadell, people used the Catalan word “ceba” (pronounced as /sebə/ and meaning “onion”). This association between the village and the onion lasted long and reflects the modest origins of the city.

Getting back to the film, I am happy to announce that “Nostalgic Onion” has been selected at the ScreenDance Festival in Stockholm, Sweden.

Curiously, a very specific shortfilm like this one, done specially for a festival in a concrete city, will have its World Premiere in a completely different city, not even in the same country! So I thank ScreenDance Festival for being sensitive with our idea and giving us the opportunity to show it.

Like this, Sabadell and its villagers will see the name of their town as far away as the screening is.


NOSTALGIC ONION Official Website:

Here we let you the official Facebook post in their Fb Page:



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