Success on Europe Endless in Cine Rev[b]elado #2

As I announced previsouly, last 14th February, the complete version of Europe Endless was presented in the CA2M museum (Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo) of Madrid, in the Cine Rev[b]elado #02 program (organised byPlaytime Audiovisuales).

The event was a big success despite the bad weather. The polyvalent room of the museum was so full that people had to stand up during the film and the performance.

Let’s start from the beginning: the Europe Endless film which was screened before lighting up the scene. An amazing professional dancefilm that shows the day to day of Eurocrats and the European District in Brussels.

A day in the European Parliament and surrounding area. This dance film is inspired by the work and lifestyle of the Eurocrats in Brussel’s EU district and features five dancers. The characters dance, run and glide through the empty spaces in an atmosphere beyond time, decontextualized, in an architectural non-site.

— Text taken from the Europe Endless website

A good example of cinema and dance together, creating a perfect synergy. The strength of the cinema aesthetic and narration with the expressiveness and the power of the dance. Even if we are not experts, we could feel that the choreography and the drama were conceived to be together in the big screen. And I think that the public would agree with me that the film was also understandable.

And then, when we thought that we had discovered all about the European Parliament, the screen went black and the stage version started with a Eurocrat reading “The Corrupters” journal.

We could expect to see more of the same but the stage version was in reality the expansion of the film and showed new information through two female Eurocrats (one Spanish and the other one Greek) in their office. Two characters very meaningful today represented by Ana Cembrero and Astero Styliani.

The stage adaptation incorporates real events of the current politics, treated with humour such as the scandal of the Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford. In this adaptation, the subtle humour and parody are new tools that emphasize the difference between the film and the stage version of Europe Endless.

— Ana Cembrero Coca (Link)

Their great dance performance left the public breathless in some moments. They had a perfect synchronisation with a very strict choreography, like if they had put their mental metronomes at the same milisecond.

Moreover, some very interesting points of the piece were the set design by Mireia Vila Soriano and the audiovisual intrusion in the scene, contextualising the Eurocrats in their environment but also immersing the public in that straight architecture and other curious places of the European district.

And then an hour had passed and we felt like we wanted to know more about Europe.

Since I could not take photos (obviously, I was the video and audio technician), here I embed you some photos by María Eugenia Serrano Díez.


In short, the public embraced well the idea and enjoyed the whole event. We had smiles and nice comments and we hope to get more and more in the future.


Making a little bit of publicity:

DSC_8974If you are interested in the piece, you have all the information about it in the following link:

Also, you can contact directly Ana Cembrero at to ask her to perform or screen the film.

The film is available in DVD here.



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