Europe Endless in the CA2M

In barely 3 days, the full version of Europe Endless, the latest work by Ana Cembrero Coca (La Ignorancia), will be presented in the CA2M of Madrid.

The preparations have started and the team is already in Madrid working and transforming the CA2M center into the European District of Brussels.


Europe Endless emerges from the will to cut across the physic secrecy of the European institutions and make them closer to the society.

in the Inquire Project on-line magazine
(translated from Spanish)

What makes the works directed by Ana special is the way she gives them a visual aesthetic and multidisciplinary while keeping a strong meaning. The resulting pieces are poetic (and I think feminine, even if maybe she does not look for it intentionally) though at the same time understandable for all kind of people.

It is not that I conceive it as a whole or that I look explicitly for the interdisciplinarity in the art piece, it is more that I use each discipline as one more tool that helps me to express what I look for.

in the Inquire Project on-line magazine
(translated from Spanish)

I had the chance to work with her during the period I lived in Belgium. More specifically, I joined her team when the Europe Endless film was in its last post-production stage and the scenic version was growing up little by little. Thanks to this collaboration with Ana, I discovered a very interesting way to create and understand screendance that I probably would not have found on my own. I cannot thank her enough for introducing to me her practical and cinematographic approach to screendance.

On 14th February, I will be the video controller technician during the scenic version and I will do my best to show what Ana Cembrero feels and wants to tell you. So try not to miss it if you are in Madrid or near!


You can read the complete interview to Ana Cembrero Coca
in the Inquire Project magazine (in Spanish) here: [Link]

More information about the Europe Endless
performance at the CA2M: [Link]



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