Anna Borràs in Reus with a double bill

With a bit of delay (two weeks), I write this post to tell you about a dance performance I went to see last 30th January: Double Bill by Anna Borràs, which included the dance pieces SIQ and Cairo (co-choreographied by Jorge Crecis). I needed time to think, to analyse what I felt and the memory it left me.

Creating you a quick context

Anna Borràs is a dancer and choreographer raised in Reus, Catalonia (Spain). She trained in the Escuela de Danza del Centro de Lectura and afterwards in the IT (Institut del Teatre) of Barcelona, finishing her studies in 2010. She has won several prizes worldwide for her solos and she is now the artistic director of the Indra Dance Company.

You have here her complete public biography: [Link]

About SIQ and opinion

Photo taken from Anna Borràs’ website. Click on the image for more information about SIQ.

I have to confess that when I first heard of this piece, I did not know the title, even if it had won the first prize of the II Certament de Mujer Contemporánea (Almería, Spain). But when I found out about this award and I had the opportunity to watch this dance “near” my home (~150km far), I went to see it.

“This piece captures the experience of a raw emotion that is so precious that it almost hurts. When the breath is uncontrollable and vulnerability does not exist.”

Once the piece finished, I understood (in my humble and inexperienced opinion) why Anna Borràs has won so many prizes. The choreography is a very intimate moment that the dancer shares with the public and lets them get inside of the extasis she is feeling. The mise-en-scène with flour of the piece also creates an interesting and fantastic ambience that moves you to an undefined and inner world of the dancer herself at the same time that uses very simple and humble elements that approached us to her. I would like to have seen closer her face and to feel a stronger empathy with her pain through the expression of her eyebrows and her hands’ tension. On the other hand, she used very fluid movements, dramatic and with rhythm, making the performance soft and readable.

More information of the piece: [Link]

About Cairo and opinion

Cairo is the newest solo choreographied by Anna Borràs and Jorge Crecis.

Cairo is the first work offered to the public where Anna and Jorge connect their work methologies. This is a joint production where movement research -both physical and mental- opens way to new horizons throught the experience Jorge Crought from Egypt in a very meaningful period of his life.
TEXT ON THE FACEBOOK EVENT (Translated from Catalan)

Even if the evening started with this piece, I wanted to talk of it in second place because I felt this performance was very short. I would really like to know more about that Egyptian experience and know better the character created by the dancer who channels Jorge’s experience. Having said this, I am aware that such an intense performance as Cairo was cannot be done during a very long time because it is very tiring for the dancer to perform and its rhythmn is too strong for the public to watch it continiously in a long length (well, maybe if it is a Wim Vandekeybus or Jan Fabre work, they can).

The movements looked technically precise even if the intention was sauvage and spiritual, with those touches of arabian or Sufist dances, turning and turning. And I think the music mix fitted quite well with the choreography.

What I missed a little was the complete transmission of the strong moments that Anna Borràs danced, specially the more agressive ones. The movements, the mouth, the breathing… all was great, but once the technique was correct, I felt that she should have given more place to emotions, to the imperfection. I think that what I needed to finally convince myself and understand the experience would have been to see that strength in her eyes, in her look. Then I would have even felt her heartbeat. Maybe it was a matter of being closer to her and not far away in a theater.

Anyway, this piece was presented not that long ago in London, so I imagine this project is still developping and will grow continuously, making Anna and Jorge understand themselves and creating a great synergy together. Surely, it will be turned into a longer and extraordinary dance piece that will stop the time for the public and move them into another country and time.

Overview and note

I do not mean to offend anybody with my comments and opinions. On the contrary, the spirit of the above texts is to be constructive, analytical and sincere.

In a short overview, I must say that I enjoyed the evening and I have to thank Anna Borràs for the great performance. Congratulations for the success and I hope to see you again in live!

You can visit here Anna Borràs’ website: [Link]
And I strongly recommend to visit her Youtube channel: [Link]

Extra: dance on screen

Anna Borràs participated as a choreographer and dancer in several winning prize screendances produced by DansPXL (Marta Arjona’s production). I encourage you to take a look at the website and enjoy new Catalan creations.

Clic on the “screendance” link after the text
to watch the information of the screendances: [Link]



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