FUTURE dancefilm in Andorra

Today, the Ull Nu Festival has released their program and Future, the first verse of The three oddest words, appears on it with other shortfilms of other genres. So it will be screened on 26th February at 21:30h in the Congress Center of Andorra la Vella.

Ull NuEva Campos Suárez and Marta Kosieradzka have been selected again for their first screendance together, started in 2014, where the dancer becomes a romantic and curious character: calmed, tidy and she likes sweet tea.

Future is set in a romantic world where a woman is at home waiting what she expects while she is boiling water to prepare some tea.

Future is the choreographic interpretation by Marta Kosieradzka of the first verse of The three oddest words poem written by the Polish poet Wisława Szymborska (Nobel Prize in Literature 1996). Eva Campos added the cinematographic point making this dance film become a very intimate shortfilm.

The selection of Future for the Ull Nu Festival is the first in 2016. The creators hope to be selected in more festivals during this year.

We encourage you to go to the Ull Nu Festival and enjoy the whole festival. Moreover, Eva Campos, the director and cinematographer of the trilogy, will be there to talk with you if you want to.

More information (Catalan/Spanish/French) here:

The three oddest words website:



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