Long time no write

It has been a long time since I last wrote on this blog… In this case, I am not going to do an update of all the things that happened to me or all I have done because it would be very hard (and long) to write 5 months of changes and stories.

Better than that, I am going to do a briefing of it and explain the new expectations of this blog…

The first and most important point is that I came back to Spain and I am creating a new platform called [Plat Artístic] which promotes arts and culture, specially the performing and audiovisual arts and the way to create synergies between them. I give you here the link (in Spanish) in case you are interested: http://platartistic.wix.com/home

Ancient Wall - Brick Texture

The second point is that, even if we are separated in different countries, Marta Kosieradzka and I are developping the screendance we have sent to the International Video Dance of Burgundy. Now we have a title, The Whirl, and we filmed new scenes in Brussels, near from the Syrian refugees camp. Also, we have created a little website with information and news about the process of creation.

For the moment we have finished the 60 seconds version that you can enjoy watching here:


The third point is that, even if I am in Spain, I will continue collaborating with La Ignornacia company of Ana Cembrero Coca. And with this, I take advantatge and I announce that we will be presenting the full version of the Europe Endless project in Madrid next 14th February (more information here):

And finally, the fourth point is that I am thinking to change a bit the goal of this blog. In the beginning, this blog had the function to show updates about my artistic activities, works I collaborated with and places where I went. However, I realised that I need to take a new step foward that will help me in the creation process of my works, specially screendances. Now, I would like to add reflections about dance, screendance and other kind of related genres. And why? Because I want to force myself to make research and improve in what I love, get knowledge and talk appropiately about what I am working on and creating.




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