Without Sonore Improvisation

I missed to write about the last Volksroom, but I didn’t forget that one. I had a very nice evening and I hope the other people there also.

The Open Monday presented with three faboulous performances:

“Figure Sonore” by Marcella Carrara
A very intimate dance piece, where the dancer and the musicians seems to be alone, without us as a public, in any space but feeling the world arounding them.

“Without reservation” by Jos Baker
Incredible dancer in front of us! He moved as he felt, with music and saying at the same time what he thought. He was showing us his feelings.

And to finish the evening, we had a very nice Contact Improvisation demonstration by Zehera Proch, Bar Altshuler, Chris Santa Maria (and I think it was another one but I don’t know the name).

We meet, ready to touch.
we meet, will you be there?
the same magic never repeat it self
does something do?
meet us there, ready?

Next Open Monday will be on 30th March, so if you want to enjoy the talent, come and drink a beer!



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