There Dance Improvisation

I feel like 6th October Monday was two days ago, really, my week passed very fast and when I paid attention to the calendar it was already the Monday 13th October, and what does it means? Volksroom Open Monday!! Yeeeeeees!

I was very happy to go there again and see the great performances they propose. This monday was very centered in dance presented by Carolina Mantovano and Laureline Richard.


“There” by Carolina Mantovano and performed by Adriana Hortas

[FR] (I come to be) “THERE” est un voyage dans le temps, oublié et trouvé. La façon dont la danseuse s’engage et reconstitue ces scènes passées, cela modifie la “timeline” et nous offre une nouvelle façon de regarder ce qui s’est passe ou et qui nous étions, ce que nous avons fait, etc.

I really loved this solo. It’s more or less 35min long and I though I wanted more and more because I didn’t feel that time. I have to say that I liked a lot the rythm proposed by the dancer, in a while you see the final. The dancer was changing her rol (then also we can say theater is inside) with the movement and specially with the interaction with the objects she had, creating a world for her and her character. She created a world with that in the beginning was only her. I would like in the future to see more developped this piece and enjoy as I did it.


“Dance improvisation” by Laurelie Richard

Maybe you think that the title say all, but not. It’s a new dance where Laurelie takes us in a childhood world, where all can be possible and where playing and dancing are the most normal actions to do.



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