Por un… Tanto quanto possivei

Ei, people!

Week post, a little late but here I am with new images! Volksroom team “attacks” newly with a very great two performances.

“Perto… Tanto Quanto Possivel” by Joana Castro and performed by Bruno Senune

A couple performance, where the passion, the animal and the human fetishism meet together. Where the tension and the stress of having the opposite sex for first time in front becomes. Where they two are in the same space. I think it’s a very interesting performance and sometimes you feel maybe identified, you can feel the energy and the tension, you can feel they are different but they have common human thinkings, doing them in couple.

“Pour un” by Thomas Guiraud and Rafaela Sahyoun

“Pour un” is
a solo by Thomas
and about himself
in a man’s world.

A solo realised by Thomas. He wants to talk, he is free to say what he wants, it’s his solo… but at the same time he is controlled. Then, is it a solo?

Is an accidentally made duet and by means of integrity it remains as an accident. However, it is now Part I of a trilogy consisting in ‘two almost solos’ and a final ‘almost duet’ happening between France and Brasil. The third part of the trilogy is the encounter on stage of the those two performers, without previously knowing each other and under a real time composition structure.

Using the Soundpainting language frequently used within multidisciplinary ensembles, we challenge this configuration by bringing it to a duet.

Almost alone and yet multitasking, Thomas uses all his senses to make the room shift from a concert hall, to a bedroom, into a swimming pool onto a garage full of tropical flies wearing Adidas, or perhaps non of this.



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