Gathering Hymen

Hello everybody!

Late to post because the work, I give you here the best moments in the two performances presented last Monday in Volksroom. As you know, I love to work with them and the artists who croses this room to show us their way to do. Today I put directly here the reference text Volksroom presented because I think it’s very well explained 🙂

“Gathering Fire” by Erik Nevin

Resident in Volksroom since some months, Erik show us a different face of him: an excited, nervous and animal face that confuse the public asking them to do sit arround him.

In a search for a fierce clarity, Erik departs on a journey full of shape shifting. Part Yogi gone rogue, part holy warrior, he is looking for relevance whilst indulging in all opposing forces. Creating his personal rituals influenced from New Age healing, philosophy, religion and different traditions around fire, Gathering Fire is a physical exploration about listening. How can the instincts of our being come to the surface and guide our actions, and what situations are necessary to facilitate and fuel such a state?

— Volksroom


“Hymen” by Fernando López Rodríguez

“This work is built as a declination of absences that take the stage, versifying the body and discoloring the music, giving to the gestures the echo’s deepness, a texture that only the silence of the presence can invoke: fragments of fossilized memory, crazy crises –better: the fear of becoming crazy for the rest of your life…”

— Fernando López Rodríguez

With a very sensitive peace, Fernando showed us the loniless of the spanish dancers, specially in difficult times…



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