Fêtes Romanes in Wolubilis


Sunday was my free day, so I decided to go with my boyfriend to the Fête Romanes in Wolubilis space (Brussels). I was quite surprised how bid is that place and how much we can take advantatge. However, even if it was my free time, I took plenty of photos and I want to share them with you… but really, they are a loooooot, so here I put one of each show I went and after that I give you a link to a Google album were you can see all of them.

“Bench” by Mimbre (uk)

“Blonda Brudar” by Anna & Julietta (swe)

“Transistor” by Marrafa (be/por)

“Don’t forget to catch me” by Passes-Pieds (be)

“Petite navigation céleste” by Chaussons Rouges (CIE) (be)

Extract of “Claudel Doucet & Amaury Doucet” by Poivre Rose (CIE) (can/be)

“Mucyclo” by Les Louisons (it)

“Un léger penchant au vertige” by Retouramont (CIE) (fr)

“L’home que perdia els botons” by Circ Pànic (esp)

Marie Martinez & Artistes (CIE)

“Klug” by Filament (CIE) (fr)

[All the photos here]



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