Show me ya flava!

To celebrate my 100th post, I’ll write about this last Saturday in Bxl Bravo (Brussels)

Show me ya flava” is a dance improvisation perfomance done in Bravo Bxl several days during July, August and September. Organised by Creativ’Woman, Bravo Bxl and Alerte Urbaine you could see great dancers of differents styles dancing for free and open to differents perspectives of dancing: a Creative Creation Jam.

I could assist to the last day of the performances and I have to say that I was very very very surprised. First, I saw Saskia de Ronde and all her team (including the incredible and wild Hong-Ling Chen). Second, the great musicians played during a lot of time, adapting their styles each time in a very dynamic Jam Session. And finally, I could meet the main organiser of the event who, to my surprise, was a very amazing dancer also.

[More photos…]

[+little trailer in the future!]

So I though that the it was a very great evening….

Yes, indeed! It was because it continued! I could see a 20 minutes performance of two synchronised dancers. They performed in the main host room, where the tables are. The performance was called “Flamenco! Visions”. So I took advantage and I took some photos also!

I hope you enjoy them!

[More photos…]



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