Flash Flood II in Sign6

Second Flash Flood in Sign6 organised by Eve Bonneau! [link of the first one]

This time, with the name of Flash Flood II evening, 4 artist were the main characters of the evening: Bleu-bleu, Vincenzo Carta, Adrien Monfleur and Damien Petitot. Their performances show us another way to see, to listen and to feel.

To see because Vincenzo Carta and Adrien Monfleur made a nice realtime video or Vj (it depends the way you want to call it) creating calm and curious forms with the soft movement of the light over the human body and over other three simple objects. The final projection was a harmonious and an abstract video with disrupting colors sometimes.

Real-fakeREAL-fake“: PERFILM miniature

To listen because with a life digital concert by Damien Petitot showed us the modern idea of the lonely and dark figure behind the screen of the technologie, trying to comunicate to others and be social but at the same time beeing introverted and narcissistic. You thought that just watching to him and thinking what the people in this technological situation do in the social networks…

RAW (DATA-me Remix)RAW (DATA-me Remix)“: First sound experiment-chat-conversion-.raw-glitch-cam-techno beat-digital noise-pixel-pics-show me more pics-

And to feel because with his three lectures or slams by Bleu-bleu teached us with humour sometimes some funny but maybe real situations for some homosexual people.

Bleu-bleuExtrait de la vie révée de Sainte Tapiole d’Hervé Brizon

Short but with potential, these performances can be in the future stronger than they were. For sure we will see the projects improved in another event. I hope see you in another time, guys!

**************** Here a little trailer ****************



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