Mix it up presents: “Pas de titre”

Hello people! How are you?

Today I’ll comment a very interesting performance I saw in Pianofabriek Culturencentrum (Brussels), having as artists Laryssa Kim (sound), Corentin Delpierre (dance) and Luis Pôlet (painting).

The performance invited the public to enter in a little space, without sunlight or windows but a little lightbulb. We were all dressed in a special way and in front of us “the dancer”. We were observing his behaviour: he was calmly moving strange. I had the feeling we were no-humans interested in him. But he couldn’t move whatever he wanted, he was cornered in the black until a black man started to paint black pathes. We didn’t understand his clumsy and excited mouvements at the beginning but little by little he moved harmoniously, lighting our space even if it was dark still. However we were there, observing in silence and listening the sound of the installation, staying, having him near but being far at the same time.

I had really the impression to be in a laboratory, outside of the known reality, apart of the rest of the people.

C’est dans la cave qu’ils se cachent. C’est dans la cave que nous vous invitons, la ou la lumière se meut sous nos pas. Donner de l’ombre a un chemin ou sillonnent et s’articulent son, mouvement et peinture.

So I liked a lot, I think the space we were was very well prepared and suitable for this performance. I forgot for a moment the real world. I have to say thet the sound done by Laryssa Kim let me enter in that strange world, she created a very appropiated context with the performance by Corentin Delpierre and Luis Polet.

I know the 25th September they do it again but I don’t have more details. I encourage you to look for the information and go to see it.



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