Antwerp Fringe Festival

Hello, again!

I think these days I won’t stop and I’ll be in a lot of interesting places!

This weekend I was in Antwerp Fringe, a performance festival organised in the center of Antwerpen.


We could see performances paying (cheap) in some little theaters in the area and also we could enjoy of the performances realised open air in the little Conscienceplein. Also I could listen slam and flemish poems, another art more hide than the other in a nice bar. Coffes and galleries joint to this experience leting spaces for the artist.

I have to say that I was only saturday and some shows failed because the technical organisation but, talking with a friend, he said that all those problems were resoluted the next day and I can believed! Unfortunately I couldn’t see all the performances I would like (only 3 from 7-8 I wanted…) but I hope in the next one I will be able 🙂

I can show you only some photos because I was not there working but enjoying the day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PS: I adored that chicken, really.



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