Intemporel, ici, maintenant

Josselyne GinetJosselyne Ginet is born in the suburbs (“la banlieu”) of Paris andafter living in differents places finally she decided to take up residence in Brussels. Remembering that time, her life, she made a very beautiful paintings that have a very strong expression made by big brushes. The dripping of the bright colors and the harmonic lines she creates in a abstract world make the painting be in a continuous story.

And here you have an exposition she made and exposed in the 100 Papiers, a nice bookshop in Schaerbeek (Brussels) about that time in Paris. The artworks are able to be bought and also postal cards and little posters. For more information you can contact me here and I can give you the contact of the artist 🙂

The expo will be for a month, so if you are in the zone, I recommend you to go and enjoy this painting on paper. Also you will like the place that is open to a lot of ideas 🙂

 As always, I put here two photos about the preview day:



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