“The three oddest words” coming soon!

This is a non-stop week. Working in a several projects, I don’t stop to go outside, really. However, I’m very motivated how the things are going specially with Marta Kosieradzka‘s project: “The three oddest words“. Here I show you some official posted photos. We are in the final slope, detailing film and music. With our work rythm we would like to present it in middle September, maybe.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dance film based on a poem with the same title by Wislawa Szymborska (The Nobel Price in Literature in 1996) and its translation to English by S. Baranczak and C. Cavanagh.

Concept an choreography: Marta Kosieradzka
Camera, photography and editing: Eva Campos Suárez
Music: Adriano Fontana
Dancers: Marta Kosieradzka, Anna Tytus, Inez Verhille

So you can see we are a great team working on it!

In the future I’ll have official information in my portfolio website, that you can visit already.



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