Salut, Stereo-politics!


Again here talking about great and interesting performers in Volksroom residency. As I said once, I love that place! If you are in Brussels I totally recommend it.

The Open 25th Monday August we could see two quiet performances, literally 🙂

Stereo-politics by Branka Zgonjanin

This performance is investigating a possibility for a new kind of society. A society in which every single coordinate of the universe will be able to connect and relate to any other coordinate without loosing itself. In order to create this ideal society, based on omnipotent relationships, Branka Zgonjanin will try to define a relation(ship) in its structural and tangible sense as it manifests in details.


Relationship is a basic political unit.
Relationship is a trust in an exchange.
Relationship is a definition of a distance – or a definition of a proximity.
Relationship is a philosophical category.
Relationship will become poetry…

— Branka’s website

Even without these premises and this information, seeing the performance you can get the idea of this utopian and ideal society created by Branka. (Okay, more than a society I was thinking of the word “world”.) In a very very very beautiful and poetical aesthetic, she developes an entire dream. I though it was a very human perfomance, talking about us and how we connect with the rest of the world. It was very surprising what she could make you feel with only some key elements (a light, a clock, a ball and a speaker). Incredible. Any speaking word, all in silence but the speaker and a very great face and body interpretation indicating a very important idea. An idea that maybe we have actually to learn. Thank you very much for the final written words of the perfomance, they touched me.

Salut! by Weronika Bet and Alicja Wysocka

It was a newborn performance with a lot of possibilities of further development. A little immature but with a lot of work behind. They show you the year, each month and each day with sign language. At the same time that you are curious about the signs they are doing, you notice that the year is both a routine and a continuously modifying project. You try to anticipate the next day but you don’t always guess it. You know what is going on, you expect something to change in the movement each day and each month, and you are waiting for something else when you are approaching the last months of the year. And finally, you know the new year is coming and you celebrate it, even if you know that the year is going to repeat itself. However, you feel it is time for the old project to finish and perhaps start a new one.


If you want to see more photos, click on the following link:



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