Jazz Jam Session in Bravo Bxl

Hello, people!

Long time to talk you, eh! Well, things of life.

However, today I show you some photos of a Jazz Jam Session I enjoyed a lot in the Bravo Bxl Bar. The first musicians were

Casimir Liberski  (Piano)
Martin Mereau (Drums)
Vincent Thekal (Sax)
+ Trumpet and Double bass

I’m very glad to have listened them, they are great and their solos were really good (even if there were a lot of people talking all the time). After that, obviously, other musicians went on the stage, this time between them, two very well known in the jazz world: Ben Sluijs (saxo) and Philippe Catherine (guitar).

I really recommend you to go once at least to listen the invited musicians at evening. Normally the entrance is free and you can drink in the bar or take the drinks to the concert. I think you can also eat something.

I know the concerts continue after I went to home, I hope they were as good as I enoyed the previous.



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