Nahom One Hour Station

Another Open Monday in Volksroom!!!

I was nostalgic because Volksroom did holidays (of course, they deserved them!).

18th August was the new season of Volksroom and they started with three great performances:

“Nahom” by Amr Fekry and Mahmoud Rabiey

A dark performance where you feel the mouvement of handwriting characters in a body that searches the LOVE. I have to say that the aesthetic is very attractive and put the spectator in a very internal situation, asking also for the body in front.

“One hour” by Nene Raul Vargas Torres

A very funny and childish perfomance but not for that stupid. No, please. You laugh all the time, and why? Because you just have a very nice moment with the performer who interacts with the rest of the scenario as a kid in a play center. The difference is that this “kid” is very special when is called Nene and he creates a nice world in front of you with a very poor and simple objects. Also because he moves very well… yes, he makes a handstand as nothing, without fear to fall… Oh! Just as a little boy!

“Station” (work-in-progress) by Mahmoud Fouad, Mahmoud Rabiey and Ahmed Ezz

You remind in that moment about the deaths in the Middle East wars, in the countries where the kids grow up with the weapons and where the rich are “different” from the rest. Be careful: something unexpected can happen.
A work-in-progress that has a lot of future. Only they need to improve some theatrical moments and create a very important climax in the world of this performance.




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