Ecce Homo in Borja

As you now, I’m actually in holidays. Last week I was driving to Soria, the city of my granddad and my mother and I saw the panel of the city of Borja. Do you know what does it means? Yes, I felt that I had to visit it and I did it, specially the famous Ecce Homo.


And what is that Ecce Homo? It’s a painting that became famous all around the world. And why? Here the story:

The Ecce Homo was a regular painting of Jesus in the Sanctuary of Mercy Church (Iglesia de la Misericordia) in Borja done by Elías García Martínez in 1930. With the time, this painting suffered some time damages, so a woman called Cecilia Giménez decided to start a restoration in 2012. But instead of do a good job, she didn’t respect the original image and made a monster of it. Then, she became an internet phenomenon when she was discovered. Curiously, she made other restoration in the church that actually are pretty good, but with that one she couldn’t repair the damage: she made it worst. In that moment, people and people not only from Spain but from other countries around the world visited the painting and payed an entrance (called donation) to see it and take a photo.

That’s the reason I had to go to visit it!

Here more information.



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