Concert al Castell de Sant Marçal

Hello from Cerdanyola!

Last Friday I went to the famous concert in the Castle of Sant Marçal, a very nice place in Cerdanyola. Each year this concert happens and welcomes a lot of people at the sunset to listen the incredible band of the city: the AMCV (Agrupació Musical de Cerdanyola del Vallès).

[Twitter with #Castell2014]

The AMCV is a very young music band in Cerdanyola del Vallès (Spain) with more than 70 people playing and with Gerard Pastor as a music director. This year they played Piotr Txaikovski, with some danses of The Nutcracker Suit and the Aperture 1812 with an spectacular canons joining the musicians.


More photos here, in this link.


One thought on “Concert al Castell de Sant Marçal

  1. A wondeful souvenir of our evening at the Castell Sant Marçal. Fantastic photos again! I really like the one with all the band members standing up, the one with the violinist and the blue castle background and the one with the gun firing flames!


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