Flash Flood with Eve Bonneau and Lynn Rin Suemitsu in Sign6


Today I’m writing from Spain. I went to have my holidays there. I forgot to update information about the last event I went in Brussels: a Sign6 performance and event organized by Eve Bonneau last 27th of June.

It was a very good evening with the performance “Vapor” and their adorable performers. I loved this purification ritual and I recommend to try it in home as something personal. Eve Bonneau takes this ritual and show it as more that it is, I mean, as a thinking dipper and with a reflexion of the intimacy and the revivial of another eroticism rather than “the erronous image of the woman“. Finally she creates a very visual performance even if it’s not the main idea.

More information about this performance here [link]

After the performance, there were little events done for the same people that participated in “Vapor”: listening, crying, hoping… I thought they were very interesting, little acts that keeped all the people moving in the space and feeling with the senses.

And finally, to finish the night, we had an amazing concert done by Lynn Rin SuemitsuThe music is mixed, retouched at the moment, playing with the noises and sounds that repeat to do a base but it’s not only that… you can here voices that put you in an japanese world. You can notice then a very estrange and peaceful feeling. I’m really sorry for losing the video.



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