Kampfire Parade

Open Monday at Volksroom again!

This time we had two short but interesting performances that make me finish good the day

“Mein Kampfire” by Yves Muluc

I’m ready for the battle to grow as I want to – in eternity. The hard way, I’ve already conquered it but am I brave and strong enough for the disarmenent?

Yves makes this performance for second time but for first at Volksroom. I felt very surprise because I didn’t expect nothing about the performance, suddenly he used the helmet as his own lighting and acted very well, showing different characters and personalities. I thought the performance was very short, and he confirmed to me that he would like to develop more the idea in the time.

“Parade” by Olivia Lioret

Interpretation by Violette Angé, Anne Bogard and Flora Gaudin
Lighting by Anne Bogard.
Sound by Olivier Touche

[Translation from French] Parade is a choreographic piece for three dancers who cultivate a physical and mental state very close of the rest. The sound space outlines vibratory landscapes where inside, the body and the faces mutate and transform continiously. The images meet unexpectedly for let emerge the dramaturgy of Parade: fiction of the moon, apology of the instant.

They walk their path, they don’t cross the line… A slow dance motion. You are expecting something all the time and you are tense, observing all their movements and expressions while they are in the limit of the rest… a very nice contrast.

[In a future, here a video, for the moment I upload only a screenshot]





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