I’m an official Artpotheek collaborator

Hello, people!

Today, I can say I’m an official collaborator with the project Artpotheek, I appear in their website!

They put in their website all my photos I took for them, so I’m very very glad. Here I put the links of the performances posts and the photos int he official website! (This way you can see more than I upload here).

  • Perfocilinne_441 with artists like River Lin, Stef Meul and Paola Rodríguez, Ignacio Galilea. [Post]


About Artpotheek:

Artpotheek is your art pharmacy in Brussels. They have a special medicine called Perfocilinne which has an affectif dose and some harmless side effects. It’s a place where you can find art, specially performance but also workshops and exhibitions. Actually they don’t have their own shop (without borders, as they like to call theirselfs) but that doesn’t stop them and they collaborate with other spaces like Sign6. They invite and have a very great artists that make a very good medicines, sometimes even they are international and temporary doses.




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