America 5th sens

Hello, people!

Last Monday, like every Monday, I was in Volksroom. You know how much I love this place. And I saw two performances that I’m going to present with some photos 🙂

“America Actually” by Erica Badgeley

Hello, I’m Erica. A.k.a. the honey badger.
I’m here from the USA.
I always dreamed of being a European Dancer.
I think this is my big chance. 

A performance that includes breakdance, a very nice word play and the guidelines for a performance in a quite original way, with a little of humour. She uses the space and adapts dances that apparently can be very different: the breakdance with the classic dance she learnt when she was little. And maybe some theater to liven up.

“Le 5ème sens” by Michel Cristelbach

La nature nous a dotés de 5 sens. Alors que 4 d’entre eux ne nous posent pas le moindre problème. Le 5ème, par contre, lorsqu’il est exécuté par d’autres sur nous même, engendre souvent crainte, réticence, voir dégoût. — Michel Cristelbach

A one time performance with a very deep concept, the inner peace, but an amateur realisation that can be improved. It looked as a work-in-progress, but unfortunately, it’s a one time event of a man who really wanted to offer us something important for him directly and with honesty, to offer us the only thing he thinks he is able to do and to show us with love.



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