Artpotheek sans frontières

With this recipe… 441 W.jpg

I present you again Artpotheek (sans frontières) who is using the space of Sign6, so it’s a very interesting mix! And, as always, I was there to do photos and show you this great artists.

“River Walk” by River Lin

A very soft and slow movement that let you think about the path, the walk, the way we go. In the silence, you can forget all the daily things and focus in an internal thinking observing what the artists leaves behind as a trail.

“Online, Alone, Align” by Stef Meul and Paola Rodríguez

I though it was wild, instinctive, the subconscious… after that, I discovered it was nothing. They started with no fixed idea and finally they revealed their desires and pleasures, very animal ones. So, in the end, I wasn’t wrong, but the difference was that all wasn’t thought, only the concept [of nothing].

“Durum battle in Mardid” by Ignacio Galilea

Really I enjoyed a lot this performance. The customs, the hymn (with respect), the geography… Please, if you come from Mardid, you would like a lot.

For more images clic over the Perfocilinne_441 image or the link.


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