The Garden Laboratorium

Hello again!

Buf, I had sometime without information about performances, isn’t it? Well, today I present you with a lot of pleasure the performance “The Garden Laboratorium” by Micha Goldberg and with Sophia Rodriguez and Alexander Ivanow (thank to the Rits School of arts).

I saw it twice, the first 5th June and the second 7th June, and both performances surprise me. I love this agressif, metaphoric but direct style… you think a lot about the subjet (that you can understand).

Quote in the Kaai Theater website:

What would life be if it was just YOLO? Like oououh or wwhoa? You know. Just hanging around, twisting things and having bizarre sex. Cooler than ice cold or maybe more stoned than a stone. The 100 Science Experiments You Can Do at Home Compilation is a 17 min long video clip you can find on Micha Goldberg will use this clip to heal his phobia against chemicals (chemophobia) and try to find a story to tell you containing Sodium carbonate and Calcium hydroxide.
It’s not really about that. It’s more about hitting and kicking. Or pumping endorphins. Or testosterone. No, it’s mostly about being in the state of ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL. 

And here some photos I took 😉


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