The Very Delicious Piece at Volksroom

Hello, my great followers!

Yesterday night I was in Volksroom (oh, yes, I like a lot this place!) and I watched the “The Very Delicious Piece” by Cristina Planas Leitão and Jasmina Krizaj.

The performance at first was completely confusing for me, I saw the girls standing in front of me and, after that, they put music. Their agitated body movements then took sens and sometimes you could imagine they were dancing it (the music), in a special way, yes, but following by chance the rhythm. I finished thinking that their condition was normal, a feeling or a state, and they tried to connect. Then, my confusing feelings became worry and tragedy, just seeing the drama they created.

I took photos of them, but I have to say that, for this perfomance, it would have been nice to film them. You could understand better their idea.

Here I give you the link of Cristina Planas Leitaõ’s blog and vimeo, where you can find more information about the performance and see some videos.

I noticed that she is from Portugal… I would be nice see her there, I’ve never been!



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