Artpotheek in Sign6

Hello to everybody!

Yesterday I had a complete day! First I took photos for a future performance (you will see it here, for sure) in Liège/Luik (Belgium). After that I went to Sign6 to see the magnific performances there.

Since the space Artpotheek is moving, they are doing the performances in Sign6′ space, but the quality of the performances don’t change, they  are incredible as always!

Here the prescription of the week:

Perfocilinne_444 from Artpotheek

“Pousser” by Anne-Dolorès Marcélis

A performance where you suffer with the performer’s movements and body expression as she pushes herself out.

I thought you were about to throw something out your mouth.

“Ancestral calling” by Rae Goodwin

From the Lineage and Maternal Ancestral idea, Rae came to Sign6 with a very communitary performance where all the public had to be around her and follow her ritus to communicate: repeat sentences, sing as one, give an offering and help the performer.  “I was, I just, she where, who how, I thought…Ring, ring, ring…”

I felt part of a group, communicating with it and with the beyond, I was comfortable with the rest and with you. At the same time I noticed the steps for a ritus: with the songs and the offerings to your mouth. A little after starting, I felt as I had done it for a long time… You got us, you linked us to the past. And all was beautiful and sweet, as a grandmother.

“Hold” by Vincenzo Carta

He links you with the rest of the public, you must participate, and after that, he links us again but with him. That provokes a holding state. We hold him, we push him and we hope to have him like that forever, but finally the result is not like we think.

Vincenzo, just in the moment of the performance I thought we were Europe today. It’s just my interpretation and for sure it wasn’t your idea, but I thought so: we were in circle and connected. I had the feeling to be holding you forever, but you moved, because you wanted or because the others did it for you, but I was feeling still connected to you and the rest even if we were pushing differently. And suddenly, something we didn’t expect happened. If the same is going to happen to Europe, I prefer to be out. 


For more photos, clic over the Perfocilinne_444 image.


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