CAR-MEN in The Corner

Hello from Brussels!

Inaugurating officially this blog, I write the first second post, but a serious post.

2th May, taking advantage it was Friday, I went to The Corner, a bar where there were a concert and a performance. Do you know? The performance was CAR-MEN by Louise Kalfon and Camille Rouze.

That’s a dance-perfomance I liked a lot the first time I saw it. This time the ambient and the place was quite appropiated for the subject they talk about.


In a confusing ambience, in a particular moment and some passionates movements. In that moment you ask for the story, you want to know what happens between the two dancers… And the text, how helpful is the text, because you feel being inside a film.


Now waiting the video… 🙂


2 thoughts on “CAR-MEN in The Corner

  1. Hi Eva. I’m your ‘New Kid On The Blog’. 😃😉 Will you follow mine? It’s at wordpress.


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