A mig diàleg

What is the WordAuditori San Ildefonso de Cornellà, 16 de març de 2019 Samuel Beckett era un escriptor i poeta més aviat pessimista pel que fa al futur que li esperava a la raça humana. Els seus texts tenien la naturalesa de l’humor negre i fosc. En particular, el seu últim poema, que dóna nom … More A mig diàleg

This blog

It’s not the first time that I don’t update this blog. With my initiative [Plat Artístic] and my [C]Screen Festival going on, it’s difficult to keep updating the different blogs I manage (and in different languages). For the moment, this blog will remain open but I can’t asure a proper updating… I would like to … More This blog

My screendance shop

As well as sometimes I make dancefilms, I also design and draw related with dance and screendance. So I started not so long ago a humble Online Shop where you can find some products with nice prints on it, all by me: t-shirts, pulls, mugs, and bags. Of the final price (without counting shipping costs), … More My screendance shop

Screendance Visions becomes a digital magazine

Long time ago, I started a project called Screendance Visions. At the beginning, it was only some posts on my blog with interviews to the screendance creators that had been selected at the [C]Screen Screendance Spring Festival (that I organise). It was just a personal research opened to everyone. This way, I let you know … More Screendance Visions becomes a digital magazine