Dani Joss – Imago

Science-Fiction, Cinema and Dance together it’s not always easy to manage and less to put them together in a series. The Die Wolke Art Group is achieving something that probably will be important in the screendance history: Imago. Today I bring you here an interview with Dani Joss, the director of this amazing series of dance sci-fi that comes directly from Greece. … More Dani Joss – Imago


The International Journal of Screendance

Years ago, I discovered a website very interesting for reading about screendance (even if until now, I haven’t started reading it). Today I present you The International Journal of Screendance (IJSD). / Hace unos años, descubrí un sitio web muy interesante para leer sobre la danza para la pantalla (screendance) -incluso si no ha sido hasta ahora que no he empezado a leerlo). Hoy os presento el The International Journal of Screendance (IJSD). … More The International Journal of Screendance